Saturday, September 23

Sweets for the Sweet

I was in the mood for bright colours today, and these Doodlebug papers fit the bill perfectly. A couple of lines of (wobbly) sewing, a scattering of bright buttons and a little tab finished the card nicely.

Stamps: Candy Shoppe by Beccy's Place

Wednesday, September 20

Coming Soon!

Four new clear stamp sets will be hitting
our shelves in less than two weeks!

Monday, September 18

Little Red Bug

The September challenge at my card making group was "A Bug's Life", where we had to create a card featuring some kind of insect. This little guy, which you might remember from a couple of days ago, seemed like the perfect choice to adorn the front of my creation. 

Stamps: Cuddlebugs by Beccy's Place

Saturday, September 16


Yesterday I printed a sheet of digital stamps, chose some patterned papers, laid out some Copic markers, and set to work to create a page full of card-ready images. I have to say, there aren't many things more pleasurable than having a fresh project in front of you, all your housework done and nowhere to go!!

Thursday, September 14


Right up until this morning, the skies have been a gorgeous expanse of bright blue for the beginning of spring. I thought a lovely blue, monochromatic card would be perfect to celebrate the warmer weather and bid a relieved adieu to winter.

Stamps: Celebrations

Tuesday, September 12

Tutorial: Kite Fold Card

Apologies for my absence over the past week, I've been battling a pretty solid case of the flu. It's been a long time since I've had a proper dose, usually I just whinge my way through head colds and I'm good to go, but this year I think I was one of the many who ended up with influenza. I still whinged, but I didn't get better any faster! Anyway, enough moaning, time to get down to some serious crafting with a tutorial on Kite Fold cards. 


1. Start with a piece of card stock measuring 11" long by 4" wide.

2. Place the card stock horizontally on your score board and score at the halfway point - 51/2".

3. Using a pencil and ruler, measure and mark 2" from either side of the centre line you just scored. Repeat on the other edge of the card.

4. Now measure and mark the centre of both ends of the card stock, which is 2" from either side.

5. Use a ruler to connect the marks you made. The four marks on either side of the centre line will form a cross. The lines should intersect in the middle of the score line. Now join each diagonal line to the mark you made at either end of the card stock. Refer to the template above and the photo below for correct placement.

6. Score along the two diagonal lines.

7. Use a craft knife or trimmer to cut along the other lines.

8. Fold back and forth along all the score lines. Now fold the triangular sections on either side of the middle line into the centre of the card.  Press firmly to form the card base.

9. When folded, your card should be a kite shape.

10. Decorate with some patterned paper or stamps and whatever embellishments you like. Don't forget to add a little tail!

Wednesday, September 6

Gift Tags

Yesterday, I was a gift tag diva, creating over 40 little tags with various images for different occasions. I pasted a whole bunch of pre-coloured digital images into a word document, shrunk them to 3cm (11/4") and printed a few pages. Then came the punching and gluing, followed by a hearty round of string tying!

Monday, September 4

This Little Piggy

I'm not exactly sure what occasion I can use this card for, but I loved making it! Fortunately, I have a sister and a friend who are both crazy about pigs, so I know it will come in handy at some point.

Saturday, September 2

Tutorial: Stippled Shadows

Last month I shared some photos of a colouring project I was working on that included areas of stippled shadow. I was asked by Kathy, one of my readers, to put together a little tutorial to explain how it's done.

1. You'll need a coloured image and some graded markers. I like to use either warm or cool greys for my shadows, but other colours work too. And although I'm using copic markers, this technique will work with other pens and mediums as well.

2. Apply dots of the darkest colour to the deepest area of shadow. In my case, that's below the body of the gnome and under his feet. Notice that my dots vary in size. Keep them larger and closer together in the main shadow section and a little smaller and further apart as you move outwards.

3. Use the next lightest marker to colour over the dark dots. Colour in small circles but don't overwork the area as you don't want to lose the dots you initially placed.

4. Using the same marker, add dots around the edge of the coloured area. Again, keep the dots larger and closer together when you're near the darker areas and smaller and further apart as your work outward.

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 with your lightest marker, remembering to vary the size of the dots. If you wish, you can use the blending pen (0), to gently fade the edges of your shadows if you feel they are too harsh.

Done! If you want shadows all around an image, like I did with the floral colouring from last month, simply use the same technique keeping the darkest dots in the deepest shadow areas where there is lots of shade, such as between and under flowers and leaves. As always, practice makes perfect, so drag out those pens and set to work!

Friday, September 1

August Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the July Challenge Winners!

Kathy, Cass and Liv (Swissie)

You are the randomly chosen winners of last month's challenge.
Please email me at to claim your prize.

September Challenge

Create a card or paper-craft project using any Beccy's Place image, upload a photo of it to your blog and submit a direct link below. The challenge runs from now until midnight on the 30th of September 2017 (AEST).


  • Your project must be created during the month of September 2017 and entered into the challenge during the active challenge period. Due to an automated system, late entries cannot be accepted.
  • Each month I will include a re-mastered digital image from my library of freebies. You DO NOT have to use the design on your project, but you MUST use a Beccy's Place image, either free or purchased, to be eligible for entry.
  • You can enter as many times as you like and you can submit your card to any other challenge you wish.
  • At the end of the month three winners will be randomly chosen to receive a $20.00AU store credit for any digital stamps at Beccy's Place. To redeem the store credit, winners must have a Beccy's Place customer account. (Please note, you do not need an account to enter the challenge. It is acceptable to create an account in the event that you win. Accounts can be closed at any time.)
  • Store credit won during any Beccy's Place challenge is only redeemable for digital stamps.
  • Beccy's Place designers may enter the monthly challenge but are not eligible to win prizes.

Wednesday, August 30

A Spot of Colouring

Just sharing a little more of the colouring I've been doing lately... I'm loving this combination! These images are destined for an article about Cascade Cards in Love Cardmaking magazine later this year.

Stamps: Celebrations by Beccy's Place

Monday, August 28

Delicious Dutch Fold Card

This is one of three cards I created last year for a magazine article on Dutch Fold cards. They're fabulous for big events where you want multiple people to sign the card, plus they have the added advantage of being reasonably simple to make!

Stamps: Just Desserts by Beccy's Place

Saturday, August 26

Colouring Project - day five

Well, here they are... all framed up and ready to hang! I enjoyed this project so much that I think I'm going to start on another. Perhaps this time I'll steer clear of the florals and go for something a little more whimsical. I know of a few cute little gnomes that are lots of fun to colour!

Friday, August 25

Colouring Project - day four

This is the final image for the floral colouring project I've been working on. Now all I need to do is get all four images into their little frames and hung on the wall.

Stamp: Wild Rose by Beccy's Place

Wednesday, August 23

Colouring Project - day three

These blooms are called blanket flowers and they're native to north and south America. Based on how they look, you probably won't be surprised to learn that they're in the sunflower family.

Stamps: Thinking of You by Beccy's Place

Monday, August 21

Colouring Project - day two

The next digital image I chose for my framed floral project is the sweetpea from the Garden Seed set. Now that it's all coloured, I wish I had chosen pink or maybe a peachy orange instead of the purple, I think it would have been a little more striking.

Stamps: Garden Seed Set by Beccy's Place

Saturday, August 19

Colouring Project - day one

I have some small, white photo frames that I've been storing in one of my cupboards for several years waiting for just the right project to come along. Well, the day has finally arrived! I've chosen four of my favourite floral digital stamps to colour and mount in the frames. I think they'll look great all hung together as a floral collection... plus I'll have the added advantage of spending some quality time colouring them all in!

I'm starting with one of the iris images from the Iris Garden set. I forgot to take a photo before starting the colouring... just a little too keen for my own good!

Stamps: Iris Garden by Beccy's Place

Thursday, August 17

CAS on Kraft

Just a little piggy, sitting on a little card.
Originally, I just had the pig and sentiment on the card, but it looked too clean and simple and not quite finished. I decided to use a white pen to add a border (Signo brand for anyone who's curious), and a scattering of some Nuvo crystal dots.

Stamps: Doris & Daphne by Beccy's Place

Sunday, August 13

Tutorial: Never Ending Card

For a long time now, I have both admired and felt intimidated by this fabulous card fold. I'm ashamed to admit that until very recently I've never even investigated the mechanics behind how it works simply because it appeared so complicated. I finally decided the time had arrived to step outside my comfort zone and give this fold a go...
Now I'm almost embarrassed to share this tutorial with you. The card base is formed from just four pieces of card stock joined together in the corners, and eight score lines. I admit that I was gobsmacked when I realised how simple and easy it was to make. Lesson learned.

1. Start with four pieces of card stock, each measuring 3" x 6". It's important to have nice straight lines and accurate measurements so the card can move freely.

2. Lay a piece of card stock horizontally on your score board and score at 11/2" and again at 41/2". Repeat for the other three pieces of card stock. Fold back and forth along the score lines.

3. OPTIONAL: ink the edges of the card stock, including the folds, for a vintage look.

4. Lay two piece of card stock vertically on the desk in front of you with the score lines running horizontally.

5. We're going to place adhesive in each of the four corners, 11/2" from the centre of each piece. I've marked the location of the adhesive in the photos below. Make sure you only apply it to the outer section or your card will not operate properly.

6. Add glue or double sided tape to the first corner. I found it easier to work on one section at a time. Make sure your glue or tape is strong enough to withstand a lot of handling... people are going to play with this card!

7. Secure a piece of card stock horizontally across the top of the two pieces that are on your desk. Keep the edges flush and the score lines all lined up. Refer to the photos for correct placement.

8. Repeat the process in the bottom corner.

9. Now we're going to adhere the other two corners, remembering to keep all the score lines and edges lined up nicely.

10. Believe it or not, that's all it takes to complete the card base. Once the glue is dry, you can have a little play with your card.

11. Now to decorate. I must admit that I found this more difficult that the actual card itself... mostly because of how many different spaces there were to fill. If you want to decorate your card the same way I did, you'll need four image panels - two measuring 23/4" x 53/4" and two measuring 53/4" x 23/4" (two vertical and two horizontal). You'll also need eight pieces of patterned paper measuring 11/4" x 23/4" and eight pieces of patterned paper measuring 11/4" x 11/4".

12. I wanted my card to look kind of like a puzzle, so I chose to cut each of the image panels in half so that they split and come together as the card is viewed. If you don't like the idea of cutting your four large image panels, you could opt to have eight individual panels instead.

13. Start with the image that you'd like to appear on the front of the card. Remember, the orientation of the card doesn't matter - you could just as easily start with a horizontal image by turning the card 90 degrees.

14. Use glue or double sided tape to adhere the elements to the front of the card. Avoid bulky embellishments that will hinder the operation of the card and definitely avoid placing anything over any of the edges.

15. Flip the card open to the next area for decoration. Be careful not to turn the card while you're decorating - you don't want to end up with images or sentiments that are upside down!

16. When you come to this section, be aware that the middle pieces will actually cover a whole image panel rather than some of the small pieces of patterned paper. Refer to the photos below.

17. Complete the card with the remaining patterned paper and image panels.

I absolutely love this card! Even though I know the mechanism is simple, it's still incredibly satisfying to play with. My 13 year old son thought I had performed some sort of magic when he saw it... in fact, he enjoyed it so much that he appropriated the sample version!

Stamps: Celebrations by Beccy's Place
Just Desserts by Beccy's Place

Photographs and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir.
All rights reserved.